EPCs and Floorplans

What is an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)?
Floor Plans

EPCs and Floorplans

What is an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)?

The EPC is a compulsory document required by law by the seller when putting their property on the market for sale. The EPC must be commissioned within 7 days of marketing.

The EPC will show an energy efficiency rating for the energy performance of a home from A to G, where A is very efficient and G is very inefficient.

This is similar to the ratings now displayed on sale for domestic appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines.

The rating is based on factors such as age, property layout, construction, heating, lighting, and insulation. The ratings are standard so the energy efficiency of one home can easily be compared with another.

The average rating for a home is a D/E.

Accompanying the energy efficiency rating is an environmental impact rating of the CO2 emissions relating to the property.

A recommendation report forms part of the certificate and it provides a range of improvement measures which could improve the home’s energy performance.

When should it be made available to buyers?

An EPC must be available to potential buyers when they view a property or receive any information regarding a property. Buyers should expect to see the energy efficiency rating from the EPC on any particulars provided by an estate agent.

The EPC must be no more than 3 years old when the property is put on the market.

We can arrange an assessor to attend your property at a reasonable cost, please call us if you would like this to be arranged.

Floor Plans

When marketing a property, you might think that the most important aspects in presenting the property would be top-quality photographs and a beautifully-written description. However, recent research suggests that floorplans are also at the top of the list for buyers. So why, if you are selling, is getting a floorplan an absolute must?

A study by the UK’s largest property website, Rightmove, of around 10,000 respondents, showed that over one-third of buyers were less likely to enquire about a property without a floorplan. The research also showed that one in five potential buyers would ignore a listing that did not contain a floorplan, only going back to it if they were unable to find something else that caught their eye. Click here for full article.

In previous research by Rightmove it was shown that properties marketed with a floorplan created 30% more interest than properties without one.

These statistics highlight the importance of floorplans in today’s market and demonstrate that, quite simply, a floorplan increases your chances of selling your property!

We at Dowling styles have gained years of experience in creating personalised and accurate floor plans specific to the property by paying detailed attention to the exact layout of a property including kitchen and bathroom suites and even which way a door is hung in order to give potential buyers a clear and precise detailed view and imagination of where furniture will go etc. before actually viewing the property. This level of service and attention to detail is unique within the industry and demonstrates how dowling styles separates from the rest.